Pour out the cat

Angela Dewar




1939 – the Second World War is about to break out and a 9-year -old girl is evacuated from London to Kent and then to Wales, where she will spend the war years. 1950s: it is the high noon of the 20th century and the girl, now a young woman, is back in a London that is painstakingly returning to normality.   There she finds a job, meets influential intellectuals at Morley College, then, in the depths of Cornwall hears the call of destiny – which will lead her to travel in the early l950s through Spain.  Here she will meet a fascinating family of artists & writers who underwent their own war and are still coping with life in post-war Spain.

Challenge, adventure, romance… Angela Dewar’s story is a slice of the century’s history in the form of lived experience; as individuals and whole countries struggle to move from darkness and war to reconstruction and hope.







None of us recall growing up with stories of princesses.  Throughout our childhood – in three countries, eight houses and six schools – what we heard were tales of extraordinary cats & dogs, kingfishers and wild boar- or the magic paddock and a daily spoonful of cod-liver oil. Tales of loneliness and walking to school in the rain, far from home, but also about the wonderful parties at 254 Barry Road.

We are shaped into who we are by the first stories of our childhood. We are imprinted with our earliest dreams, fears and desires. Angela’s life and her stories talk of an open mind searching beyond the barriers imposed by her time and her gender. They talk of courage, love, commitment, passion, and a deep sense of respect for others.

Angela’s children and grandchildren thank her for her story, for a

lways being true to what she believes in, for making sure we distinguish the blackbird’s song from the nightingale’s, for every season of homemade elderflower cordial, and for teaching us –both boys and girls- to bake cakes whilst reciting poetry and to smell the rain before we see it falling.

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